"Endless gratitude for this evening. Such wonderful readings from both Readers. Thank you." - LC 

 "My readers were amazing!! I felt like I hit the lottery tonight. Thank you so much. The loving vibration which wraps around while they read for you is exactly what I needed." - NF 

 "I again needed to thank each of you for the tremendous readings I was granted in tonight's SJS. What a remarkable experience, and I remain in awe of each of you for your gifts and guidance. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You truly matter to so many." - VC 

 "SJS was absolutely magical for me. Both of my readings couldn't have been more hopeful, comforting, healing, or filled with more love and caring words. My heart soars with faith and kindness, feeling a sense of love. The beauty that surrounds all of you is truly heaven sent." - BT 

 "SJS is the Coachella of online psychic fairs." - SO 

 "Thank you - what a magical experience!!!" - KD 

 "I had a wonderful time Sunday. What a great program, I will definitely be back." - AW 

 "Thank you so much! My readings were very insightful and inspirational." - LG 

 "My readings were spot on and brought me peace and a sense of calm." - KN 

 "Thank you for the wonderful, helpful, and thought-provoking readings! Both of my Readers were so on point!" - CC 

 "I am really grateful I stumbled onto SJS. Thank you again. I feel like part of a special community and that's important to me." - RR 

 "My Reader brought me a message from my husband, and it was so healing and deeply moving. Thank you!" - SR 

 "Thank you for the tremendous readings. What a remarkable experience! I remain in awe." - VC 

 "My Readers were amazing!" - CF 

 "Thank you! I loved my readings." - TR 

 "I cried and laughed. Thank you." - KH 

 "SJS is amazing." - LS 

 "Thank you for the beautiful reading at SJS. It was such a pleasure working with you. You have such a natural, gentle ease about you in the way you deliver evidence in the context of a story. I felt like I was having a conversation with my loved one. And she has never come through before. You described her essence perfectly and I will take to heart the many messages she conveyed through you. Thank you for this wonderful experience." - JH 

 "Soul Journey Sundays fills my spiritual gas tank. I look forward to it every month!" - RR 

 "Thank you, it was a wonderful evening. I look forward to coming again soon." - BE 

 "My Readers were incredible! They gave me such good insight and validated many things for me." - CF 

 "It was really stellar all around... the organization, presentation, the meditation, the readings. It was wonderful." - KC 

 "Thank you to all the Readers tonight, it was well worth it." - CV 

 "I am a SJS groupie! I love these Intuitive Artists! Such a talented group!" - CF 

 "Thank you for this beautiful forum. It is absolutely amazing." - MS 

 "Last night was wonderful! Many thanks for all you do to provide such a beautiful evening with Spirit!" - JH 

 "Amazing. Thank you all so much for being so generous with your time and your kind hearts." - MV 

 "Many blessings and love to all. Thank you for this opportunity to connect with Spirit." - JC 

 "A magical spiritual evening with gifted people." - BE 

 "Thank you! I actually asked my grandma to come through and tell me if I am on the right path, and you did just that! It was just what I needed to hear." - AB 

 "Thank you so very much. I feel so very blessed to have had that time with you. You are amazing. Beautiful gift." - SJ 

 "I had a good time during the event and really treasure this experience. Thank you so much. I’m honored to be a part of this beautiful community, and I'm looking forward to the next one." - LS 

 "My Readers were absolutely spot on! It was incredible. My heart is so full!" - LO 

 "My Reader was so accurate it was almost scary. Just wow. I'll definitely be back." - JH 

 "SJS is so wonderfully organized." - GG 

 "Amazing! Congratulations and thank you SJS Team for the beautiful work you are doing." - HR 

 "Amazing. Such good humans involved with this work. Helping others in so many ways." - MV