Join a fabulous team of gifted Psychics monthly for a joyful and inspiring online evening of Intuitive Artistry! Psychic and Medium Readings plus Past Lives, Animal Communication, Spirit Art, Akashic Records, Tarot, Astrology, Spirit Guides, Trance Speaking and Healing, Angels, Shamanism, and more!

All ticketed Participants are guaranteed two personal Readings in breakout rooms from two different Intuitive Artists! Experience a wondrous variety of Psychic modalities, tools, and skills.

A unique and powerful evening with an incredibly heart-centered team, to help you gain some clarity, connection, and validation to support you on your Soul's journey.

⭐️ SJS Participant Reviews:
"Amazing", "Life-Changing", "Deeply moving", "Profound", "Spot on", "Incredible", "Wonderful", "Insightful and inspirational", "Remarkable", "A magical experience", "Uplifting", "Awesome", "Heaven Sent", "I remain in awe", "Special", "Brilliant", "So healing and deeply moving", "Well worth it", "Stellar", "Exceptional", "Thank you all so much"!

Zoom detail will be emailed to all ticketed Participants in the days before the event. Please check your spam and junk folders for an email from MailChimp or

2024 SJS Event Dates:
*January 7
February 4
March 3
May 19
June 23
August 18
October 13
November 10
December 8

*Featuring international celebrity guest Tony Stockwell as he conducts a gallery demonstration of intuitive mastery. Learn more at

This is more than just an event, it's a community... inspired by Spirit and powered by love.

💖 The SJS Team is a collection of compassionate Lightworkers who strive to serve Spirit within the very highest standard of kindness, integrity, and empathy. It is our heartfelt intention that our first rule is to "Do No Harm". We honor the deeply traumatic grief experienced by some of our Participants, and always seek to empower and not to disempower through our Mediumistic contacts.

However, the format of our event does not lend itself to the kind of deep grief-informed and trauma-informed healing that some Participants may require. If you are on a healing journey from deeply traumatic loss, please seek counseling with a licensed therapist.