Heart-Centered Policy on Refusal of Service and Readings:

At Soul Journey Sundays, we believe in creating a safe and supportive space for all participants. We welcome individuals who come with an open heart and a willingness to explore their spirituality in a non-judgmental environment.

However, we reserve the right to refuse service and readings to anyone whose behavior is inappropriate or disruptive to the group dynamic. This may include individuals who exhibit disrespectful, aggressive, or abusive behavior towards other participants or Readers, or those who display a lack of respect for the space and energy of the group.

We also reserve the right to ask anyone to leave the group if their behavior is causing harm or discomfort to others, or if a Reader feels energetically unsafe or uncomfortable at any point during the session. We will always act with compassion and sensitivity in these situations and will strive to provide a supportive environment.

If a participant is asked to leave the group or is refused a Reading, no refunds will be given and participation in future events will be prohibited.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in maintaining a heart-centered and respectful environment for all participants.

Mediumistic and Psychic Readings are a form of experiment bridging the physical and spiritual realms. Due to the sensitive nature of this effort, no claims are made and results cannot be guaranteed. Life choices made resulting in full or in part from information relayed in a Reading are the sole responsibility of the recipient. By receiving a Reading, you release the Soul Journey Sundays Team of any and all liability, legal claims, and expenses related in any way to the content shared within a Reading. SJS Readers do not dispense medical, legal, marital, or financial advice.