Effie Linke
Psychic Medium

Effie Linke

Effie is an International Psychic & Medium known for her accuracy and detail for providing information and evidence from the spirit world. Her readings are natural and authentic, and will bring the essence of the spirit alive again, the recollection of memories that tie people together and sharing of forgotten memories on behalf of the spirit world. To see the smiles on her recipients faces is heart-warming. Her honesty, compassion, and commitment to the spirit world has made her a well-respected medium. She is continually learning the spiritual realm and demonstrates her mediumship internationally with platform demonstrations, circles, private and group readings. To date, she has given over 700 readings and will be ordained as a minister in 2023.  Effie lives in Canada with her family, and while her life is hectic she wouldn't change a single thing.  

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  • Soul to Soul Readings
  • Reiki Healing
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