Brenda Knosher
Psychic Medium

Brenda Knosher, Reveal Truth Consulting

As a psychotherapist for 35 years, I have served individuals, couples, and groups. I believe the most important and lasting changes occur when we experience raising our consciousness with hearts and minds open to love and compassion. After many years of assisting our human relationships, I have become passionate about developing deep rapport with non-human consciousness. My exploration of my psychic intuition, trance channeling, energy attunement and healing, and mediumship have led me to expand my consulting practice into offering guidance from the other realms. I am especially excited to offer Soul guided adventures into the quantum field that reveal solutions to what one is dealing with in the present moment in this time of great change on our planet.

  • Healing or Therapeutic Reading with Reiki and Chakra work
  • Connecting With Personal Guidance Sessions
  • Natural World Guides
  • Oracle Reading with my own system:  "The Otherwise Way"
  • Relationship Readings
  • Couples Readings
  • Soul to Soul Guided Visualization Sessions