Berkeley Clements
Psychic Medium

Berkeley Clements, Berkeley Creative Co. - Sound Healer, Trance Channel Healer, & Spiritual Mentor 

Berkeley's spiritual work is based on the belief that we all have the answers within us. She simply acts as a guide, helping you to access the knowledge and wisdom you need to heal and transform your life. Berkeley is a gifted Empathic Psychic Medium, Spiritual Mentor, Trance Channel Healer, and Certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher. She loves helping others find their way back to their inner knowing. Her gentle yet no-nonsense practical approach has led her clients to experience a greater sense of awareness, direction, and calmness in their lives. So, take a leap of faith, trust yourself, for the magic within you is far more infinite than you could ever imagine! Sending glitter and infinite blessings.

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  • Business/LIfe Coaching
  • Psychic Mediumship Readings
  • Oracle/Tarot Readings
  • Past Lives Readings
  • Psychometry Readings
  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Trance Healing
  • Reiki Healing & Certification
  • Spiritual Development Classes
  • Meditation
  • Soul to Soul Readings
  • Blind Readings
  • Reiki-Infused Artwork
  • Chakra Clearing
  • Cord Cutting
  • Sound Healing
  • Remote/Distance Healing
  • Space Clearing
  • Workshops/Events
  • Private/Corporate Events
  • Retreats